Customer Stories

Customer Stories

More than 97.0% of our customers are women [As of September 30, 2020]

  • Location: West Bengal Activity: Fishmonger

    I took my loan from Arohan when my business of selling fishes was in great trouble. I used the loan amount to source good quality stock. Now with the help of Arohan, I sell good quality hilsa, as well as other fish.

  • Location: Bihar Activity: Farmer

    I am a farmer and like many other, generating good crop helps run our households better. With Arohan's help, we receive loans at low interest and source good manure for my crops. I can run my household better now.

  • Location: Odisha Activity: Fisher woman

    I took a loan of Rs 40,000 from Arohan for my fishing business and I have been getting good returns. Profits go upto Rs 15,000 a month.

  • Location: Unchahar, Lucknow Activity: Shop

    Sunita began her journey with Arohan with a loan amount of INR 20,000 to help her husband Subhash set up a small medicine shop next to her home in Unchahar, Lucknow. Together, they gradually developed the shop and grew with a helping hand from Arohan. Availing the easy EMI facility of its cross-sell services, Subhash bought a refrigerator from Arohan’s e-Bazaar platform. This would help him in capacitating his shop with more medicines that requires storage in refrigerators. "I am thankful to Arohan for their services that has helped us in establishing our shop. It feels comforting to know that we have their support", says Subhash.

  • Location: West Bengal Activity: Grocery Shop

    Arnnapurna began her journey with Arohan in the year 2015 with a loan amount of INR 15,000 to set up a small grocery shop next to her home. She gradually developed her business and grew with a helping hand from Arohan year after year. Arnnapurna has now been offered her third cycle loan of INR 45,000 and a refrigerator for her shop which speaks volumes about her business credentials. She is an independent woman supporting her family with income of upto INR 400 a day. Arnnapurna is blessed with two girls, and takes pride in providing for their entire educational cost. "I am thankful to Arohan for their services. I feel overwhelmed to be a part of their customer group," says Arnnapurna.

  • Location: Behala, Kolkata Activity: Tailor

    Smritikana Mandal of age 26, a customer of Behala Branch, West Bengal had only completed her higher secondary education when she got married and her focus shifted to her family. To supplement her family's income, she took to cutting patterns for a local tailor but had always dreamed to be more. An Arohan customer for the last three years she has joined the beauty and wellness course conducted at the Tollygunge Skill Training center funded by Arohan as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Location: West Bengal Activity: Dashakarma Shop

    Tapan Ray is a 4th cycle customer of Arohan Bazaar product. He is a seller from Radhanagar Bazaar in Chandrakona branch. His shop sells ‘Dashakarma’ items for use in pujas and festivals. He took his first loan of INR 15000 from Arohan in 2015 to increase his stock in the shop. In the present cycle he has graduated to higher ticket sizes and has taken INR 50000 and has used this money to help his wife in her saari and garment business which she runs from their home. They have reared their children well. Their daughter has completed her graduation and the son has been enrolled in an aeronautics course.

  • Location: Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur District of Odisha Activity: Small Dairy Business

    Kanchan Biswal is a 2nd cycle customer of Arohan in Balikuda, Jagatsinghpur District of Odisha. She has a family of three members. She used to run a small dairy business with just two cows and wanted to scale it up to meet her household needs. It was then that she took her first loan of INR 20,000 from Arohan and invested the amount in buying more cows to increase the produce and her income. Today, she has six cows in her dairy farm and her business is doing good enough for her to even engage her husband into the daily activities of the same. She sells the milk produce through OMFED (The Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers' Federation Limited) centers in nearby villages and earns more than INR 1200 per day.

  • Location: Kolkata Activity: Garment Business

    Suraiya Begum is a second cycle customer of Arohan. She had earlier taken a loan of INR 30,000 from Arohan. After repaying the loan successfully, she has now availed for an INR 40,000 loan to support and run her garment business. ‘The pandemic situation has posed some problems for all of us but I have continued to repay my loans on time, because of the savings I had made due to the loan support that I’ve received form Arohan. This helps me save the extra amount that I would have had to pay if I had opted for the moratorium. I hope and want to continue getting support from Arohan’, says Suraiya.

  • Location: Assam Activity: Poultry Business

    Bimala Baruah took a loan from Arohan in 2017 to start a poultry business and support her family in Bihupuria, Assam. Over time, her business, as well as her association with Arohan saw gradual growth as she graduated to a higher value customer with an INR 45,000 loan. During the countrywide lockdown due to the global pandemic, Arohan provided a special restructured product package, called 'Sakriya'.

    "I feel so relieved now with the ray of hope provided by Arohan during this extremely difficult period."

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