Customer Stories

Customer Stories
  • Location: West Bengal Activity: Fishmonger

    I took my loan from Arohan when my business of selling fishes was in great trouble. I used the loan amount to source good quality stock. Now with the help of Arohan, I sell good quality hilsa, as well as other fish. 

  • Location: Bihar Activity: Farmer

    I am a farmer and like many other, generating good crop helps run our households better. With Arohan's help, we receive loans at low interest and source good manure for my crops. I can run my household better now.

  • Location: Odisha Activity: Fisher woman

    I took a loan of Rs 40,000 from Arohan for my fishing business and I have been getting good returns. Profits go upto 15,000 a month

  • Location: Assam Activity: Dairy farmer

    I had a dairy farm which I found difficult to run but the loan from Arohan has benefited me

  • Location: South Kolkata Activity: Electronic store

    Shibnarayan Banerjeeis the owner of an electronic store in South Kolkata where they sell all kinds of household electric goods and appliances such as air-conditioners, refrigerators etc. To meet the growing demands of their customers, it was important for him to keep updating the stock at store, and for that to happen he needed funds. This is when IntelleCash, the MSME lending business of Arohan got in touch with him. "The entire loan processing experience was fantastic and completely hassle-free. Loan officers came to my office to collect the necessary papers and within a very short span of time, the loan amount got credited into my account. I’m lucky to be associated with IntelleCash. I look forward to their continued support in making my business stronger", said Mr. Bannerjee.

  • Location: Unchahar, Lucknow Activity: Shop

    Sunita began her journey with Arohan with a loan amount of INR 20,000 to help her husband Subhash set up a small medicine shop next to her home in Unchahar, Lucknow. Together, they gradually developed the shop and grew with a helping hand from Arohan. Availing the easy EMI facility of its cross-sell services, Subhash bought a refrigerator from Arohan’s e-Bazaar platform. This would help him in capacitating his shop with more medicines that requires storage in refrigerators. "I am thankful to Arohan for their services that has helped us in establishing our shop. It feels comforting to know that we have their support", says Subhash.

  • Location: West Bengal Activity: Grocery Shop

    Arnnapurna began her journey with Arohan in the year 2015 with a loan amount of INR 15000 to set up a small grocery shop next to her home. She gradually developed her business and grew with a helping hand from Arohan year after year. Arnnapurna has now been offered her third cycle loan of INR 45000 and a refrigerator for her shop which speaks volumes about her business credentials. She is an independent woman supporting her family with income of upto INR 400 a day. Arnnapurna is blessed with two girls, and takes pride in providing for their entire educational cost. "I am thankful to Arohan for their services. I feel overwhelmed to be a part of their customer group," says Arnnapurna.

  • Location: Behala, Kolkata Activity: Tailor

    Smritikana Mandal of age 26, a customer of Behala Branch, West Bengal had only completed her higher secondary education when she got married and her focus shifted to her family. To supplement her family's income, she took to cutting patterns for a local tailor but had always dreamed to be more. An Arohan customer for the last three years she has joined the beauty and wellness course conducted at the Tollygunge Skill Training center funded by Arohan as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

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