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Financial Inclusion for the Underserved

Established in 2006 in Kolkata, Arohan Financial Services Limited, part of the Aavishkaar-Intellecap Group is eastern India's largest NBFC MFI. As on March 31, 2019, the organisation is operational in thirteen states of which ten are low-income states across the central, east and north-east, offering financial inclusion products to nearly 1.9 million under-served clients, through 593 branches with a loan portfolio of over to INR 4045 Cr in microfinance and MSME lending. It has a bank loan rating of A- and MFI grading of MF1 from CARE Ratings. Driven by its mission to empower the underserved through a range of financial services, in a manner sustainable for all stakeholders, Arohan plans to extend its operations and aims to become one of India's 10 best places to work in.

Arohan is one of the few NBFC-MFIs in India to offer loans ranging from INR 10000 to as high as INR 100 lakh. It works with strong, local partners on the ground to further improve its reach in the remotest locations of its focus low-income geographies. Arohan also offers financial safety net products such as and non-financial products to its customers at affordable costs.

While it reaches out to the underserved with a range of low-ticket size products, it caters to the retail customer segment with its dedicated MSME lending business, IntelleCash.
MSME Lending Business

For the journey forward

We work closely with our investors,
lenders and partners to provide
tailored group and individual



To empower the under-served households by offering a range of financial services, in a manner sustainable for all stakeholders


To impact over 20 million lives by 2025
- 20 by 2025
Aspiring to be in the Top 3 FI players while covering over 5 million households with an INR 25,000 Cr portfolio and being in the Top 3 places to work by 2025.

Our values

value_img1 Transparency

Arohan's products and processes are transparent to its clients such that the information communicated to them is clear, sufficient and timely in a manner and language clients can understand so that clients can make informed decisions. It is also transparent in its communication to, and transactions with all other stakeholders, and employees.

value_img1 Employee Engagement

Arohan treats its employees as a major stakeholder and hence its processes and systems are designed to ensure employee satisfaction, development and high morale.

value_img1 Innovation

Arohan strives to maintain a creative culture in the organisation, where employees are encouraged to learn and innovate in their day to day work, while adhering to Arohan's standards of business and conduct. Also, product, process and business model innovation are integral to Arohan.

value_img1 Honesty and Integrity

Led by exemplary governance, Arohan maintains high integrity in its delivery, products and processes. Arohan has zero tolerance for unethical practices. It strives to behave with honesty and integrity in all its internal and external communication, and dealings with all stakeholders.

value_img1 Shareholder Value Focus

Arohan recognizes its shareholders to be an important stakeholder whose interests it strives to protect, and to whom it seeks to deliver value by focusing on sustainability, profitability and growth of the business.

value_img1 Customer Centricity

Since customers are considered important stakeholders, Arohan's products and processes are designed keeping customer needs and realities in mind. Arohan strives to serve customer needs in an effective and efficient manner and behave in a dignified and respectful manner with its customers at all times.

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