Our investors

Our investors
TANO Capital

Tano Capital is an alternative asset management firm founded in 2004 by Chuck Johnson, formerly Co-President of Franklin Templeton Investments and CEO of Templeton Worldwide Inc. Tano’s mission is to develop innovative investment opportunities in global hard assets as well as rapidly growing companies in India and China that will directly benefit from the domestic consumption growth in both markets. Tano Capital LLC is based in San Mateo, California. It has additional offices in Shanghai, China; Harcourt Road, Hong Kong; Taipei, Taiwan; Ebene Mauritius; and Mumbai, India


IntelleCash is one of the 3 lending NBFC’s in the Aavishkaar Intellecap Group.It is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) acquired in 2008 to provide incubation & debt services to start-up MFIs. Till Sep’12,IntelleCash provided wholesale lending and capacity building services to MFIs in India, Africa, and Asia and operated its own retail lending program in Bihar. The Intellecap group invested in and consolidated its own microfinance portfolio with Arohan in Sep’12 – the first formal consolidation in the Indian microfinance sector.In Jun’15,IntelleCash restarted its lending business with a unique Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) product aimed at the micro and small enterprises with loan sizes of INR 5 to 75 lacs.

Aavishkaar Goodwell

Aavishkaar Goodwell is a for-profit business development company that provides equity finance and hands-on support to enterprises active in the microfinance sector in India on a socially and commercially sustainable basis. Aavishkaar Goodwell is a joint initiative of the teams behind Dutch social investment firm Goodwell Investments and Aavishkaar India, the world's first for-profit micro venture capital fund. IntelleCash provides equity linkages to its network partners through Aavishkar Goodwell.

Maj Invest

Maj Invest is one of Denmark’s leading asset management companies, managing assets for primarily institutional clients. The Maj Invest group was established in 2005 and is today owned by management and employees.

The group comprises the companies Maj Invest Holding A/S, Fondsmæglerselskabet Maj Invest A/S, Maj Invest Equity A/S and Maj Bank A/S as well as a number of companies related to Danish and international private equity. Fondsmæglerselskabet Maj Invest A/S is investment adviser to the Maj Invest mutual funds in Denmark and Luxembourg, which are owned by their members.

Aavishkaar Venture Management Services

Founded in 2001, Aavishkaar Venture Management Services works towards development in India's underserved regions by identifying capable entrepreneurs, enabling them them with capital, supplementing it with a nurturing environment and helping build sustainable enterprises. Aavishkaar's big innovation is the adoption of venture capital methodology to serve the low income market segment by creating scalable enterprises. Aavishkaar's founding team faced the challenge of modifying the investing methodology followed in the Silicon Valley. Funding in the Valley typically focused on new technologies and breakthroughs in intellectual property. Back home, Aavishkaar had to adapt it to brick and mortar, investing in hinterland and rural geographies with a target clientele that had a tiny wallet. At the same time, reasonable returns had to be delivered to investors. This meant that Aavishkaar with its limited capital and resources had to find a large number of start up companies scattered across underdeveloped regions and then invest small amounts of capital in them.

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation India focuses on urban programs that foster high-quality education and childhood health, and improve family economic stability among India's urban poor, including an estimated 7.6 million children living in slums nationwide. Their goals in India are to seek immediate positive impact on the lives of individual children they work with, and to catalyze systemic change. To those ends, they partner with a range of stakeholders, including governments, businesses, NGOs, implementation experts, community organizations and other philanthropies.

India Financial Inclusion Fund

India Financial Inclusion Fund (IFIF) is a USD$90 million fund that was set up in August 2008 as an off-shore India-focused equity fund, investing in high- growth, small to medium MFIs and enablers. IFIF's triple bottom line objectives are financial inclusion, capital appreciation, and social performance initiatives. Through its investments, IFIF will aim to provide new MFIs with start-up, growth capital, strategic inputs, and technical advice, support and enable product diversification by providing appropriate risk capital, encourage the scaling up or creation of microfinance enablers, who will contribute to building an efficient microfinance ecosystem, and play the role of an active, responsible investor seeking to deliver a competitive financial return and support the expansion of social performance initiatives.


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